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Dangerous Celebrity Diets

Celebrity Diets [relatedYouTubeVideos]   You probably wonder how celebrities always look so slim and trim. Here's the way I understand Celebrity Diets. You hear them say that they eat right and work up a sweat exercising. Some are telling you the truth but others do some pretty weird things to look  trim

Fast Weight Loss Diets

Fast Weight Loss Diets There are lots of quick fat size loss diets, however can we hold to them? If you are on a weightloss plan and you may't hold to it then it is not likely quick is it? Believe me, I know. I'm not a physician

Teen Diets?

Question by juliet88: Teen Diets? Any good teen diets out there? I want to lose like 10-20 LBS. And please don't tell me "you're beautiful the way you are" because I know that, but I want to be more skinny so that I can feel better about myself. Thanks!! =) Best answer: Answer