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dropping fat size?

Question by anonymous: dropping fat size? would all physique elements turn out to be smaller if u scale back ur fat size?? particularly thighs, butt and breast?? Best reply: Answer by licoriceIf you are "pear formed" (carry fat size in hips & thighs) you will first lose your boobs. So in the

Losing fat size?

Question by Susie J: Losing heavy size? I do not care how unhealthy it's. I simply need to lose a variety of fat size. Fast! Please do not give me any common excersize and consuming sparsely enterprise. I need to lose heavy size. Now! Please assist! Thanks for the good recommendation, however

Q&A: Losing Weight?

Question by ♥♥Californian Barbie™♥♥♥: Losing Weight? Okayyy so i want some making an attempt to lose an certain amount of weight about forty kilos........I tried turning into anorexic nevertheless it didnt work for me as a result of i virtually collapsed and really feel so weak and each time