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Lastest Americans Obese News

Fast Food, Candy, And Soda May Not Be Causing Obesity In America; So What's ... Obesity rates have grown to epidemic heights since the 1970s, with more than one-third of American adults currently considered obese. Researchers from Cornell University's Food and Brand Lab took a closer look at how diets affect

Vegan Diet for Hair Regrowth

Vegan Diet for Hair Regrowth Part of the reason thousands of people experience hair loss, hair fall, and hair thinning problems is the fact that they don’t get enough of the nutrients needed by the scalp. By far, the best way to obtain vitamins and minerals for the health

Weight-loss Workout

Weight-loss Workout Most of us reside our lives just like composed pets. Built to move, all too often all of us put ourselves in a crate. We now have physiques designed for rushing over the savannas, but we reside a life-style designed for moving in the your bed

Free Diet Tips

Free Diet Tips So you've tried all the diets and on numerous occasions starved yourself in the hope of losing weight...... and excuse me for being to the point. You no better off than when you started!! Correct me if I am wrong! Below I have listed a number