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Pinterest Asian Fruit Pill Diet Scam

Garcina Cambogia is an asian fruit that is touted as great for weight loss. lso known as "The miracle weight loss fruit", Garcinia Cambogia based weight loss supplements are the latest trend in weight loss industry. Garcinia Cambogia extract became popular after it was mentioned in the popular Dr Oz show

Diabetes drug Victoza helps with weight loss

Danish created Victoza, which, in its 3rd phase of clinical trials, is shown to help those who are obese and/or Type 2 Diabetic lose weight.   When given in three mg doses over a a 1 year period, trial participants lost nearly 6% of their Body Weight.   "According to Dr. Maria Collazo-Clavel, an associate professor at College of

10 Weeks BodyChange Review to lose weight

    For an exercise program developed by a WWE wrestler and Champion bodybuilder whose wrestling moniker ‘The Doctor of Thuganomics,’ once upon a time, 10 Weeks BodyChange seems shockingly gentle: Workout 2 times  a week in a customized 20-min period with John as your online motivation coach, follow his eating plan, and lose pounds, he claims (hisdad, for example, lost close to 50

Does Paleo Diet Encourages Overeating ?

The following article and our comments can be taken with grain of salt. As it appears the research is biased by funding from big grain company. The fashionable "paleo" weightloss plan — a plant-based mostly weightloss plan impressed by the concept human ancestors primarily consumed roughage — will not be so

The Sugar Detox App Review

We tend to use our mobiles for everything under the sun today, so instead of using it for midnless activities, why not use it to help us achieve our weight loss goals and change our eating habits? There's a new app released in deit realm and it's based on the

Eating breakfast doesn’t matter for losing weight

"Eat breakfast!" nutrition experts have been telling us for decades. It revs your metabolism! It keeps you from overindulging at lunch! It helps you lose weight! But a new study suggests the "most important meal of the day" may not be so important - at least for adults trying to lose