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Venus Factor Review

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venus factor review

The Venus Factor Weight Loss Program – Getting a Body Fit for a Goddess!

Yes, we’ve all been there. The “next big thing” in diet fads comes along with all its fancy recipes and complicated nutritional requirements and we find ourselves inexplicably jumping onto the bandwagon for a moment. Then we realize that following the diet and its insane workout program to a “T” is just too much to bear for our busy lives. So, we stop and the pounds creep back on.

There’s a reason why most women who are trying to lose weight often jump from one fitness fad to another. These are fads that are just not tailored for the needs of the modern woman and the female physique in general. Women don’t need trendy workout or diet fads, they need a program that work and that can promise visible results.

The Venus Factor Weight Loss System – Unleashing Your Inner Venus

Enter the Venus Factor Weight Loss System. Created by the world renowned fitness professional John Barban, the Venus Factor takes a new approach to weight loss that is specifically geared towards the female body. It aims to help women transform their body into that perfect Venus shape- a body that is totally fit for a goddess!

Bringing Back Leptin Sensititvity for Weight Loss

A woman’s body is vastly different from a man’s. Females naturally store more fat than men around the belly, hips, and thigh areas. Most men have around 10% to 20% body fat, while women have around 20% to 30%. This is all perfectly natural though, since the extra fat is needed to provide for a healthy pregnancy.

The reason why women seem to be more susceptible to weight gain (especially after birth) can be attributed to a hormone called leptin.

Leptin is a hormone that plays a huge part in regulating metabolism and controlling appetite. Both men and women naturally produce it in their bodies, but since women have more adipose tissue than men, they have twice as more leptin.

Ironically, the extra leptin in women’s bodies does not help in burning fats or increasing metabolism- it does the opposite! The extra leptin just makes women more resistant to the good effects of the hormone, thereby making women more susceptible to weight gain.

Why Venus Factor?

The nutritional guidelines and exercises in the Venus Factor Weight Loss program are aimed not only to help increase the sensitivity of women’s bodies to leptin, but also to help them achieve the most naturally attractive figure for their bodies in accordance with the Venus Index, a body ratio figure obtained from classical notions of beauty (i.e. a waist size that is approximately 38% of a woman’s height, a waist to hip ratio of 1.42, and a waist to shoulder ratio of 1.618). Not only will you look good, you’ll also feel good with the Venus Factor.



The Venus Factor Bonus

Buy The Venus Factor Today and Receive the Following Bonus Package!

1. The Main Venus Factor Manual (PDF)
Contains all the information necessary for the nutrition part of the Venus Factor system. Covers recommended foods, and which foods to avoid. Also contains instructions on how to calculate for the Venus Index.

2. Venus Factor 12 Week Fat Loss System
Guidelines on how to reach your goal weight and targets. Provides diet plans and recommended eating formula/ caloric intake according to your weight, height, and bodily measurements.

3. Venus Factor Workout Manual
An integral part of the whole Venus Factor System, the Workout Manual covers the essential exercises that you need to shape and tone up your body within 12 weeks. It has cardio, resistance training, flexibility exercises and more that can help you reach that get that Venus body in no time. Links to online instructional videos are provided in the manual.

4. Venus Immersion Social Community
Social support and feedback is important to help women push through with their weight loss goals. Venus Factor recognizes this need and thus provides participants of the Venus Factor program with a platform with which they can motivate and help each other, as well as share their own successes with the program.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t settle for trendy workout programs and fad diets. Get on board with a program that is well-suited for the needs of the female physique. Try the Venus Factor Weight Loss program today and in just 12 weeks you’ll find a better and fitter you.


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 venus factor review


 Remember The Venus Factor Has a Complete 60 DAY Money Back Guarantee! If you are not happy for whatever reason WE will refund your Money NO QUESTIONS asked!




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